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ShareLife Parish Campaign celebrates 41 years!

In 42 municipalities, 225 parishes, and more than 20 languages, the Lenten ShareLife Parish Campaign raises support for our family of Catholic agencies and provides services to the many people they reach e
ach year.

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Find all the bulletin announcements you will need to insert in your parish bulletins all year round.

English   Simplified Chinese  Traditional Chinese  Croatian  French  Hungarian  Italian  Korean  Lithuanian  Polish   Portuguese  Spanish  Tamil  Vietnamese 

Parish Campaign Checklist Guide - Check all the weekly activities and tasks you will need to execute a successful parish campaign.

Parish Campaign Guide - Find all the information, background, lists and tips you need for a great parish campaign.

Reporting Form – Use this form to report the Grand Total Collected at the Parish on the dates indicated.

Key Dates Poster - Reference all the important Parish Campaign dates you need in one handy poster.

Parish Speaker Guidelines - Ensure your ShareLife presentation is engaging and effective, using the resources in this guide.

Bulletin Covers - Creative ShareLife cover images for your bulletins - April 2  May 7   June 4  

Speech (long version - 8 minutes) - Use this speech or adapt it to meet your specific needs when you speak on behalf of ShareLife.

Speech (short version - 5 minutes) - Use this speech or adapt it to meet your specific needs when you are a little pressed for time on behalf of ShareLife.  

ShareLife History
 - An engaging presentation focusing on the history and role of Catholic Social Services in the Toronto Archdiocese.     

Talking Points - provided by Bishop Kasun that Pastors may use March 25/26 or April 2/3 as part of a ShareLife homily or pulpit announcement.

ShareLife English Brochure - Promotional information about the ShareLife Campaign, your generosity at work. 

ShareLife Languages Brochures - French  Chinese  Portuguese  Polish  Italian 

Cardinal's Letter - An invitation from Cardinal Collins to participate in the ShareLife campaign. 

Cardinal's Parish Thank You Letter - A Thank You from Cardinal Collins to those who supported the ShareLife campaign. 

ShareLife English Posters -  Colourful ShareLife campaign posters and Parish Year End Campaign Thank You Poster.  

ShareLife Languages Posters -  Six ShareLife campaign posters in French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Chinese and Portuguese.  

ShareLife Video - A word from Cardinal Collins inviting all to participate in the ShareLife campaign. English Video  

Chinese video      Chinese video with subtitles

You can order a DVD copy from our ShareLife office at slife@archtoronto.org. Limited quantities available.  

Case For Support - The ShareLife Case For Support features stories which answer why we support ShareLife agencies. 

LifeSource Newsletter - The ShareLife spring newsletter featuring updates and stories about ShareLife and their agencies.