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“Blessed are the merciful, for they will receive mercy.”  Matthew 5:7                      


Every child deserves the opportunity to enjoy a camp experience. For some, fishing, tents, campfires and roasting marshmallows are part of our annual summer activities, while for others this is something that their family may not be able to afford. 

In the Archdiocese of Toronto, we have Marygrove C amp for girls, and Camp Ozanam for boys.  Both are operated by the St. Vincent de Paul, with Camp Ozanam (formerly Columbus Boys Camp,) being fully funded by Catholic Charities through our annual ShareLife appeal – each of the 600 participants pay no fees to attend.   I remember attending the camp as ten year old in 1977 – my first day was the day Elvis died (and that’s how I remember when I was there!)

As I reflect on the impact that our program has, I remember being told a simple story by the Camp Director of a boy who came to the camp for the first time.  The Director came out to meet the bus, and said to one boy ‘let’s go get your luggage.’  The boy held up a bag of ketchup chips; he had arrived for a week long camp with nothing more than the clothes on his back and a bag of chips.  I asked the Camp Director what they did next, and he replied that they went out and purchased clothes, toiletries, and other items that the boy would need for the week.

I often think of this story, and how the camp staff went out of their way to create a positive experience for this boy. I’m sure there are other boys with similar experiences, and even comparable challenges with other clients at our agencies. 

Then I remember how ShareLife funding has made an impact for our agencies, and I am grateful for the generosity of our parishioners that make our programs and services possible.

Help us to send 600 boys to Camp Ozanam this summer, and to support the work of the forty-two agencies supported by ShareLife – click here to make a donation.

Together we are working wonders!

Arthur Peters

Executive Director, ShareLife


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Together we are making a difference – together we are working wonders!

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Join us this year on Monday, June 6th at Markland Wood Golf Club for our annual ShareLife Corporate Golf Tournament in support of the social service agencies funded by ShareLife. For further information, contact the ShareLife office at 416-934-3411, or click here.
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As we look back over our past year, it was one of remarkable corporate generosity. We deeply appreciate those who chose ShareLife as their way of making a difference in the lives of the marginalized in our community!
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