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...in many languages! Roughly 55,000 immigrants and refugees settle in the Greater Toronto Area every year. ShareLife agencies help them transition into their new home, providing counselling, training and advocacy services in more than 20 languages

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The tradition of Catholic charity runs deep in the Archdiocese of Toronto. Catholic agencies have been serving the poor, the needy and the sick among us for more than 150 years.

In 1927, the first organized diocese-wide charitable appeal was conducted to support the Catholic Charities family of agencies in Toronto. The goal was set at $100,000 and was reached in just four days. When the campaign ended three weeks later, $178,000 had been raised – the equivalent of more than $1.2 million today. Learn about ShareLife fundraising achievements today.

In 1976, Archbishop Philip Pocock established ShareLife – the annual charitable fundraising appeal of the Archdiocese of Toronto – ensuring people have access to social services based on Catholic values and respect for the sanctity of life at all stages.

The initial eight Catholic agencies has expanded to become an extensive network of more than 40 ShareLife agencies and grant recipients today. Collectively, those organizations served many people within our geographic region last year, with countless more receiving care around the world. Learn more about ShareLife agencies>>